EigenDA Launches Free Tier For Ethereum Rollups

EigenDA, a highly scalable data availability solution on the Eigen Layer, has announced that its services are now free for rollups on the Ethereum mainnet. In a recent tweet, EigenDA invited all rollups to use their platform, highlighting their commitment to offering cost-effective data availability.

To protect against Sybil and DDoS attacks in the free tier, EigenDA has implemented a whitelist mechanism that uses IP or ETH address ECDSA authentication. The free tier permits up to 6 blobs of 128 KB each per batch, totaling 768 KB every 10 minutes.

In comparison, this throughput exceeds the current usage of the most active rollups on Ethereum, like Base, which posts fewer than 2 blobs every 10 minutes. Rollups seeking increased access can reach out to EigenDA via a dedicated link to join the whitelist.

EigenDA is also developing a system for permissionless payments for blob throughput, scheduled to launch later this year. This system will feature an option for reserved bandwidth at a fixed rate, designed to meet high throughput demands.

EigenDA: Revolutionizing Ethereum Scalability

EigenDA performs well enough to continually generate a synthetic load of 0.6 MB/sec and has achieved peak throughputs of up to 10 MB/sec during load tests on the mainnet. In comparison, Celestia’s mainnet provides 1/6 MB/sec while Ethereum’s 4844 blob throughput is 0.032 MB/sec. These numbers demonstrate EigenDA’s exceptional scalability and its potential to greatly increase Ethereum’s ability to innovate with permissionless technology.

However, EigenDA aims to elevate Ethereum to unprecedented levels, fostering increased innovation within the ecosystem. They are excited to continue this journey alongside their partners and the broader Ethereum community.

Moreover, the project has outpaced other DeFi applications in popularity, significantly impacting liquid staking platforms such as Lido and Rocket Pool. Since March, these platforms have seen a 27% decrease in total value locked, with almost 4% of all ETH now being re-staked on EigenLayer.

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