Cardano Hoskinson Challenges Bitcoin’s Layer 2 Vision

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently expressed skepticism regarding Bitcoin’s Layer 2 developments. He posted his critical views on X. The post contrasted discussions at the recent Satoshi Roundtable event in Dubai, which focused on the potential benefits of the proposed solution.

On Feb 4, Muneeb Ali, co-creator of the Stacks protocol, shared on X. He said the Bitcoin community is more open to new projects. Many people were interested in Bitcoin Layer 2 at a meeting this week. Ali said the Bitcoin Layer 2 meeting was the biggest meeting at the event. There were multiple meetings about Bitcoin Layer 2 projects, BitVM, keeping the value connected to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin DeFi.

While the discussion centered on anticipation about BitVM, a potential path towards Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions, and growing acceptance of Layer 2 investments, Hoskinson emphasized a differing viewpoint. Contrasting Bitcoin with Ethereum and Cardano, Hoskinson asserted Bitcoin lacks the potential to support extensive Layer 2 solutions.

He stated every Layer 2 venture will learn it’s impossible because Bitcoin cannot change enough to support a vibrant Layer 2 environment. Hoskinson said both Ethereum and Cardano continually upgrade to enhance developers’ options for deploying effective, efficient, reliable, and secure Layer 2 solutions.

Cardano’s Plutus V3 Upgrade, Bitcoin’s Limits

Adding intrigue to his points, Hoskinson illustrated the constant upgrades and developments Ethereum and Cardano undergo. He added Cardano’s upcoming Plutus V3 upgrade with BLS support, which aims to improve experiences with the Layer 2 system.

Furthermore, Hoskinson reiterated Bitcoin will not “change or add any additional functionality.” His comments underscored Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions are “insanely” impossible without centralized or federated infrastructure. Also, Hoskinson labeled the Satoshi Roundtable event as another typical Bitcoin halving event narrative he has witnessed three times.

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