Alchemy & Worldcoin Join Forces For Blockchain Innovation

Worldcoin and Alchemy have joined forces to enhance the World Chain ecosystem. However, this collaboration, announced on June 26, integrates Alchemy’s Web3 developer platform with Worldcoin’s iris-scanning biometric digital identity project.

Developers on World Chain now gain immediate access to Alchemy’s suite of core and data APIs, indexing solutions, and essential tools for app development. However, Key enhancements include an account abstraction infrastructure to bolster the security of self-custodial wallets.

Moreover, Alchemy will integrate World ID into its toolset, expanding global developer access to digital ID technology. However, Noam Hurwitz, Alchemy’s engineering lead, expressed optimism that this partnership will facilitate significant strides in onboarding a billion users to blockchain and fostering the creation of user-centric applications.

World Chain: Blockchain For Human Use

Moreover, World Chain, introduced in April 2024, is a blockchain tailored for human use. According to Tools for Humanity, a significant contributor to the World Chain ecosystem, it will integrate with Optimism, Coinbase, and the broader Ethereum ecosystem within the Superchain framework.

Currently transitioning from the OP mainnet, World Chain will become the new platform for Worldcoin’s World ID, obtained through iris scans at global orbs, and the World App.

Howevere, World Chain prioritizes human-centric optimization, utilizing verified World IDs to allocate holders with priority blockspace and free gas for casual transactions, aiming to exclude bots and provide developers better access to genuine users.

Steven Smith, Tools for Humanity’s protocol head, shared with Cointelegraph that World Chain strives to be the premier blockchain for human use and the principal gateway for humans to enter the blockchain realm.

“As a result, robust infrastructure capable of operating at immense scales is essential.”

Smith highlighted the partnership with Alchemy, known for ensuring guaranteed uptime and reliability for major enterprises.

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