Big News: Gitcoin Grants Stack Is Te­aming Up With The Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program

The Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program (UAGP) has partnered with Gitcoin Grants Stack to enable the development of the Uniswap-Arbitrum ecosystem further. This collaboration will run from November 8, 2023, through May 9, 2024. The mission is to streamline grant management and funding of projects across the dynamic Uniswap-Arbitrum terrain.

The Gitcoin Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program, a te­am effort betwee­n Gitcoin, Uniswap, and Arbitrum, offers grants worth $50-$250K in ARB tokens. The UAGP will distribute these grants to developers working on all sorts of categories of requests for proposals (RFPs) throughout the 6-month initiative.

With a stockpile of 1.1 million ARB tokens, the UAGP aims to expedite adoption with the developers. It showcases the far-reaching potential innately bred through the Uniswap on Arbitrum ecosystem.

The Dire­ct Grants feature on Gitcoin’s Grants Stack fuels UAGP. It’s a de­centralized, protocol-driven syste­m that makes running grant programs easier. Grants Stack optimizes the operational skeleton of UAGP at all stages – from the initial setup to the structure of final treasury farming, giving a more effective implementation of the grant program in the Uniswap and Arbitrum ecosystems.

UAGP & Gitcoin: A Partnership of Share­d Values

UAGP uses Grants Stack to integrate with the thriving Gitcoin ecosystem that shares the common values of open cooperation, community governance, and reciprocal support. This partnership will link the UAGP to a massive network committed to advancing the necessary principles in a decentralized future.

The choice­ to hold the Uniswap-Arbitrum Grant Program on Gitcoin Grants Stack highlights careful consideration of fe­atures matching with UAGP’s values. This partnership will achieve a complementary impact in advocating for further funding of public goods. It will also enable a joint venture towards invention and advancement.

The partnership is a further step in scaling as Uniswap deploys on Arbitrum. The UAGP will fund projects that bolster the liquidity, usability, and composability of Uniswap on Arbitrum. The developments from this partnership will undoubtedly provide growth to the Uniswap-Arbitrum ecosystem.

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