Binance Exec Denied Hospitalization Amidst Nigerian Legal Dispute

A new obstacle has arisen in the case of Binance executive Tigran Gambaryan, who is on trial for money laundering in Nigeria. This highlights the increasing difficulties he faces amid ongoing legal issues. According to a recent report, despite a Nigerian court’s order to transfer Gambaryan to a hospital due to medical concerns, prison officials have failed to comply.

Earlier, media outlets reported that Gambaryan experienced a medical emergency last week, fainting in the courtroom during his trial in Abuja, Nigeria. This incident prompted Justice Emeka Nwite to order Nigeria’s prison authorities to transfer him to Nizayime Hospital.

However, recent reports indicate that Nigeria’s Correctional Service, which oversees the nation’s prison system, has defied a court order, according to Tigran’s wife, Yuki Gambaryan. This has raised serious concerns about the authorities’ commitment to fundamental human rights.

Meanwhile, global reports indicate that Tigran has been suffering from malaria and a severe throat infection, yet has been denied hospital medical aid. Instead, the Binance executive is receiving treatment at a facility in Kuje Prison.

Binance Exec Awaits Medical Aid

Speaking with DL News, Tigran’s wife expressed her devastation and shock: “Despite the court’s explicit order for his hospital admission, the authorities have not permitted him to leave the prison responsible for his illness.”

The next court hearing is set for June 14, with the Binance executive prepared to address tax violation charges brought by Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service. Meanwhile, Tigran’s wife and attorneys are hopeful for his well-being.

However, Mark Mordi, Gambaryan’s legal representative, informed the court that his client has been unwell and experiencing health issues. Despite these concerns about Tigran’s medical condition, Nigerian prison authorities have not yet provided proper medical assistance to the Binance executive. Additionally, Richard Teng, Binance’s CEO, recently called for the release of Tigran Gambaryan, advocating strongly on his behalf.

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