Binance Expands Trading Services For BONK & 1000SATS

Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange, has announced new trading pairs and trading bots services for BONK and 1000SATS, two of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. The move comes as Binance aims to provide more options and opportunities for its users to trade and earn with crypto.

According to the official announcement, Binance will open BONK/USDT and 1000SATS/USDT trading on the spot grid, spot DCA, and rebalancing bot from Dec 21 at 08:00 UTC. Users can access these services from the Binance app or website and start trading quickly and conveniently.

Some of the hottest cryptocurrencies are BONK and 1000SATS, which have received massive attention from traders and investors. BONK is a meme coin rewarding users for making and spreading memes, while 1000SATS represents one thousand Satoshi (the smallest unit of bitcoin).

To further improve its users ‘trading experience and profitability, BNB is now introducing BONK and 1000SATS to join the new trading services, including spot grid, spot DCA (dollar cost averaging), and rebalancing bot. Users can automate their trading strategies through these services based on market conditions.

Binance Also Adds New Spot Pairs & Earn Services

Moreover, Besides BONK and 100SubSATs, Binance informed users about spot pairs and new earn services. Binance will open trading for BLZ/FDUSD, RARE/TRY, and VANRY/TRY spot pairs from Dec 22 at 08:00 UTC. Users will have zero maker fees on the BLZ/FDUSD spot pair.

Binance also lists BONK on its earn services, rewarding users who stake or lend their tokens. Whether ETH Staking, Simple Earn, or Dual Investment, BNB offers a wide range of earn products. Users choose the product suitable for their risk appetite and earnings.

Binance is constantly broadening its offerings, creating more options and opportunities for the trading and earning of crypto. BNB is dedicated to giving the crypto community its best trading experience and most innovative products.

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The author’s views are for reference only and shall not constitute any investment advice. Please ensure you fully understand and assess the products and associated risks before purchasing.

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