Binance Halts AEUR Trading: 200% Surge Sparks Volatility Concerns

Binance has abruptly halted trading on the AEUR stablecoin, pegged to the euro, as its value soared over 200%. The unexpected surge on December 5 raised concerns, leading to a swift response from the exchange. This incident sheds light on the risks associated with stablecoins, particularly those with lower market caps and liquidity.

The AEUR stablecoin pegged to the euro at 1:1, witnessed an unprecedented surge of over 200% on Binance just a day after its listing. Initially trading around $1.08, mirroring the prevailing EUR-USD rate, the token’s value skyrocketed to $3.25 at 17:45 UTC.

According to the report, Binance promptly suspended trading due to “abnormal volatility,” indicating concerns about the coin’s stability.

AEUR is issued by Anchored Coins, a Switzerland-based subsidiary owned by Singaporean investor Calvin Cheng. The stablecoin, with a $5 million market capitalization, touts backing from euro fiat assets.

However, these suggest potential vulnerabilities regarding its sudden rise followed by a trading suspension. In turn, the small market supply and illiquidity raise concerns that may lead to de-pegging or manipulations associated with a low-market cap coin. A shocking event on Binance shows that stability issues may also befall presumed stablecoins.

Binance Halts AEUR Trading Amidst Stability Concerns

Investors will look for answers regarding what caused the price jump and why it was halted by the issuer Anchored Coins for the AEUR. This is a significant development that the cryptocurrency community is trying to assess by carefully reviewing stablecoins’ underpinning mechanisms.

In the wake of these unprecedented volatilities, the industry recalls that bitcoin markets are highly uncertain. Investors are advised to be cautious and do proper checks, especially for assets that react sharply to price changes, though they are tagged but priced like other commodities.

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Furthermore, the author’s views are for reference only and shall not constitute investment advice. Before purchasing, please ensure you fully understand and assess the products and associated risks.


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