Binance Latest Move: Introducing Terra Luna Classic Pair Amidst 60% Surge In LUNC Price

Binance, the leading crypto exchange, has announced more trading pairs. This move is to take advantage of the booming crypto market. One of these new pairs is a Terra Luna Classic pair. The price­ of LUNC has gone up by an impressive 60% shortly after the announcement. It comes from Te­rra Classic’s (LUNC) fantastic performance. It has notably risen in the­ past day.

Binance, the trailblazing crypto exchange, has once again set the stage ablaze with its latest announcement on trading pairs. Meanwhile, all eyes are on the Terra Classic (LUNC) cryptocurrency, which has recently undergone an exceptional surge, experiencing a remarkable spike in its value within the last 24 hours.

This increase comes after Binance’s unexpected move to burn about 4 billion LUNC tokens in its 16th batch of the LUNC burn mechanism last week. Meanwhile, prior sources state that Binance’s cumulative LUNC burn totaled an astounding 43 billion tokens or a substantial 52% of the total tokens destroyed by the Terra Luna Classic community.

Binance has revealed the inclusion of additional trading pairs, encompassing AUCTION/FDUSD, IOTA/FDUSD, and SUPER/TRY spot trading pairs. These new pairs are set to kick off at 08:00 (UTC) on 5 Dec, 2023.

Binance USTC Perpetual Contract Launch Sparks LUNC Surge & Market Fervor

The advent of Binance in the USTC perpetual contract scene takes a twist in this developing story. On 27 Nov, Binance took crypto land by storm when it announced a USTC perpetual contract offering the highest allowed leverage of fifty times.

However, the prices of USTC and LUNC experienced a sudden increase during this announcement period. The USTC perpetual trading commenced at 12. On that day, at 30 UTC, a spike will occur in the LUNC and USTC volume trade.

The cryptocurrency market will follow keenly to see the impact of Binance’s moves. Binance’s move to list LUNC is a clear indicator of the company’s zeal for creating breakthrough technology and the impact it continues to have on the growth and transformation of dynamic cryptography.

The LUNC price has increased by 57.41% in the recent 24 hours, and it amounts to 0.000264 U.S. dollars. At the same time, the turnover has grown by 21. The crypto has also hit its highest point within this trading period at $0.0002738 for the year. As a result, in the past seven days, the LUNC price has appreciated over 125%, and the 30-day increase amounts to almost 309%.

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