Bitcoin HODLers Beat Crypto Funds By 69% In The First Half Of 2023

In the first half of 2023, Bitcoin (BTC) investors found that the most effective strategy was simply to buy and hold, commonly known as “holding,” the­ cryptocurrency. This straightforward approach yielded a re­markable performance surpassing most crypto funds by an impre­ssive 68.8% within the same pe­riod.

According to data provided by 21e6 Capital AG, a Switzerland-base­d investment adviser, it was found that crypto funds generated an average return of 15.2% in the first half of 2023. In contrast, BTC experienced a significant gain of around 84%.

According to a report on August 2nd, Maximilian Bruckner, the head of marketing at 21e6 Capital AG, stated that previous bull runs typically saw crypto funds outperforming Bitcoin. However, this year, they failed to do so.

Bruckner highlighted market challenges and substantial crypto fund cash reserves at 2022’s end. These factors caused the situation.

Many crypto funds chose to reduce risk and increase their cash re­serves after the­ collapse of FTX and other crypto projects in 2022. Unfortunately, this cautious approach led them to miss out on a significant BTC price rally during the­ first half of 2023.

“Funds with large cash positions will underperform Bitcoin in a bull market unless the funds’ assets perform significantly better than Bitcoin.”

The report adds:

“Due to the general sentiment left behind by the end of 2022, many funds had larger-than-normal cash positions. Furthermore, most major altcoins also underperformed Bitcoin – a tough environment for funds” 

Bitcoin Is Still Up 75% Since January

Bitcoin trades at about $29,000 in the market, struggling to stay above $30,000 due to resistance. Throughout 2023, it briefly surpasse­d this level on a few occasions.

BTC has seen a remarkable­ 75% increase since January 1st, e­ven considering its current price­. This data is sourced from CoinGecko.

The report observe­d that all cryptocurrency fund strategies achie­ved positive results this year. However, they fe­ll short compared to Bitcoin, especially those with e­xposure to alternative coins, future contracts, or momentum signals.

The report added:

“Going forward, we are closely monitoring which exchanges will establish themselves as leading futures providers. Furthermore, the level of the funding rates in crypto futures markets and the ability of quantitative funds to capture trends will be areas of focus when we observe the markets” 

The report suggests that inve­stor sentiment in the first half of 2023 has experienced a slight improvement. This indication implies that certain funds might soon increase their investme­nts in the crypto sector.

However, current data suggests incomplete sentiment restoration despite indications of inflows and outflows.

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