Bitcoin Path To $10 Million: Michael Saylor’s Bold Prediction

Michael Saylor, executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy, predicted Bitcoin (BTC) value will rise to $10 million per coin. In an interview, Saylor shared this prediction during a podcast with Robin Seyr. He further suggested that China will eventually become a significant supporter of the cryptocurrency.

MicroStrategy announced Saylor’s belief that Bitcoin represents “perfect money” due to its decentralized nature and limited supply. Saylor argued this could transform the global financial system. In a recent tweet, Saylor sees Bitcoin as an economic revolution compared to traditional “imperfect” money.

Saylor contrasted Bitcoin with traditional financial systems, which he deemed obsolete. The company noted his critique of pre-Bitcoin economics as “pseudoscience.

Saylor on Bitcoin Superiority

MicroStrategy highlighted Saylor’s view that traditional economics was filled with biases and prejudices. He stated that Bitcoin’s creation rendered previous economic theories outdated. The company reported Saylor’s belief in Bitcoin’s superiority as a financial instrument.

He predicted a shift in China’s stance on BTC despite current regulations. MicroStrategy stated that he foresees both the Chinese government and its people adopting BTC. According to Saylor, this adoption will contribute to Bitcoin reaching $10 million per coin.

Lastly, Saylor presented Bitcoin as a tool for achieving “corporate immortality.” The company conveyed his claim that businesses investing in BTC could vastly extend their longevity. MicroStrategy quoted Saylor saying this could potentially increase economic vitality by factors up to a million.

According to CoinMarketCap, BTC is priced at $60,959.65. Some analysts predict it could rise to $70,000 in the coming months due to more institutional adoption, positive regulations, and increased retail interest. BTC enthusiast Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” recently predicted it could reach $100,000 next year with broader acceptance, technological improvements, and favorable market conditions.

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