BitMEX Co-founder Hayes Bullish as Bitcoin Surges with $106B Liquidity Boost

BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes expressed optimism for Bitcoin, anticipating a surge in its value to align with a notable increase in U.S. dollar liquidity. Sharing on X, Hayes spotlighted the link between dollar liquidity and BTC’s potential price escalation.

In a post, Hayes urged fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts to remain focused, drawing attention to a substantial uptick in U.S. dollar liquidity. He backed his assertion with a chart illustrating variations in reverse repurchase agreement (RRP) and treasury general account (TGA) balances.

As he described the changing economy, he had an opinion concerning USTS Janet Yellin, who said, “Bad gurl Yellen.” The graph also indicated that this may have been related to the dollar’s increased liquidity during this period.

Crypto analyst dharmafi delved deeper into the situation’s specifics, highlighting an impressive $106 billion net liquidity surge since November 21. The breakdown included a reverse repurchase agreement of $65 billion and a treasury general account balance of $35 billion.

Liquidity increase is an emphasis of both Hayes and dharmafi, pointing to the changes in the financial market. Now, observers think of possible consequences for all assets, especially crypto-currencies.

Yellen Caution, BitMex Spotlight in $106B Crypto Surge

Janet Yellen, a known skeptical of Bitcoin, recently cautioned cryptocurrency exchanges. Speaking at a G20 meeting, she emphasized the importance of adherence to legal regulations within the digital currency industry. Yellen stressed compliance as a crucial factor for operating within the U.S. financial system.

As Hayes connects the dots between dollar liquidity and Bitcoin’s trajectory, dharma’s data amplifies the impact of the liquidity surge. The substantial $106 billion increase since November 21 raises pertinent questions about its ripple effects on diverse asset classes, including cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, Hayes’ positive prediction and Yellen’s tough approach complete this ongoing story. Discussions in cryptocurrency and conventional finance continue to explore the intersection of regulatory compliance and market dynamics.

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