Bitzlato Halts Bitcoin Withdrawals Amid Legal Turmoil

Bitzlato, the troubled cryptocurrency exchange, has added another complication to its turbulent path by pausing Bitcoin withdrawals. This ruling follows co-founder Anatoly Legkodymov’s guilty plea on Dec 6, during which he consented to dissolve Bitzlato and give up an incredible $23 million in Bitcoin. The business states that the abrupt withdrawal halt was necessary as a temporary measure to manage future legal processes over funds seized in France.

Bitzlato reassured its subscribers in a quick message on Dec 27 via its Telegram channel that the withdrawal stop is only a temporary inconvenience. The business emphasized its dedication to clearing out the legal entanglements regarding the assets of its consumers while expressing resolve and confidence.

In Jan, law enforcement in Miami apprehended Legkodymov, marking the commencement of a legal quagmire. This event unfolded as a coordinated effort involving the United States Department of Justice, the Treasury Department, and French law enforcement. The operation led to the seizure of significant portions of Bitzlato’s infrastructure, including its website.

Source: Screenshot Bitzalato website

Despite this setback, Bitzlato allowed a 50% withdrawal via a Telegram bot in March, partially restoring user access to cash. The withdrawal cap rose over the next few months, hitting 70% by November. However, the current move to stop accepting Bitcoin withdrawals highlights the difficulties the beleaguered exchange faces.

Bitzlato Suspends Amid Criminal Accusations

U.S. Attorney Breon Peace didn’t mince words, accusing Bitzlato of serving as an “open turnstile by criminals.” Simultaneously, the Department of Justice alleged its pivotal role as a “crucial financial resource” for the Hydra darknet marketplace, facilitating the laundering of funds, including those derived from ransomware attacks.

The suspension, therefore, is positioned as a strategic move by Bitzlato to address the legal intricacies surrounding seized assets. It signifies a pivotal moment in the exchange’s efforts to navigate the aftermath of the legal fallout while assuring users of its resolve to emerge from this challenging period with optimism.

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