Boundaries Set: Google Election Query Limits In Gemini Chatbot

Google said it will limit what you can ask its Gemini chatbot about elections. They’ve already made the changes in the United States and India because that’s where folks are voting soon.

In a blog post on Mar. 12 called “Helping Out with the 2024 Indian General Election,” Google’s parent company, Alphabet, talked about being careful with its tech. This comes after it stopped its AI image maker in February because of issues like wrong history and upsetting answers.

The company introduced this image-maker in Feb as part of its Gemini campaign. It’s all about AI, you know, and they were rebranding. But people started worrying about all the fake news, especially AI making images and videos. So now governments are thinking about how to control it.

In a blog post, Google said:

“We’re being extra careful about this important topic, so we’re starting to limit what Gemini can tell you about elections. It’s super important to us to ensure we give you good information on these questions, and we’re always working to improve it.”

Google Role In Global Elections

Places like South Africa and India are getting ready for their big elections, too. India has this rule now where tech companies have to get the government’s OK before they put out any AI that might not work right or is still being tested. And they have to make sure everyone knows it might not give the right answers.

Now that AI tools are available for everyone to use, we’re seeing more and more fake news in politics. This means voters must learn to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Just the other day, on Feb. 27, Senator Mark Warner, who heads the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee, mentioned that America isn’t as ready for election shenanigans for the 2024 election as it was for the last one in 2020.

Over in Europe, the European Commission made these rules about AI lies for platforms there. Right after that, Meta, the folks who own Facebook and Instagram, came up with their own plan to deal with AI making bad stuff on their sites in the European Union.

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