BTCC Exchange wows With Renaissance booth At Paris Blockchain Week

PARIS, April 22, 2024 – BTCC Exchange, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, caught visitors off guard with its Renaissance-themed booth at Paris Blockchain Week. The event, which took place at the famous Carrousel du Louvre from April 9 to 11, attracted over 9,000 attendees worldwide, reaffirming its position as a major yearly summit in the blockchain industry.

Making BTCC Exchange a main sponsor, we hosted a table with a Mona Lisa backdrop and unusual Renaissance caricatures. Visitors received an item that balanced traditional art and images of Bitcoin, symbolizing a vibrant blending of classics and the present related to meme culture.

Also, “The crowd appreciated our theme and souvenirs this year,” said Alex, the Head of Operations at BTCC Exchange. “Similarly, like art that affects subsequent generations with significant messages and revolutionary approaches, Bitcoin stimulates a legacy that challenges the norms of traditional money and alters global financial landscapes. Soon, we’ll consider it a wonderful idea that transcends any thinking limit, just like the eternal paintings we paid homage to.”

BTCC At Paris Blockchain Week: 13-Year Legacy & Bitcoin’s Fourth Halving

BTCC’s Paris Blockchain Week presence also highlighted Bitcoin’s history alongside BTCC Exchange’s 13-year legacy. “As one of the longest-serving crypto exchanges globally, we also aim to show our creative and innovative side,” Alex noted. “Innovative masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and Girl with a Pearl Earring outlasted their contemporaries. This story resonates with BTCC Exchange’s brand and longevity in the highly competitive crypto industry sector.”

Furthermore, as Bitcoin welcomes its fourth halving this month, BTCC Exchange will witness a Bitcoin halving for the fourth time heading into its 13th consecutive service year.

“Our Paris event succeeded, and we initiated promising partnerships. We look forward to celebrating BTCC Exchange’s 13th anniversary in June with exciting upcoming news,” Alex added.

About BTCC

BTCC, founded in 2011, is one of the world’s longest-continuously operating cryptocurrency exchanges. Since its inception, it has had an impressive zero security incidents record. The platform serves beginners and experienced traders, offering features like copy trading and up to 225x leverage for perpetual futures.

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