Bullish Outlook: Crypto Analyst Forecasts Bitcoin Surge In 2024

Following its surge to a record-breaking peak of $73,750, Bitcoin has maintained a sideways trading pattern, sparking apprehensions about the sustainability of its bullish momentum in the current market cycle. Despite this, crypto analyst Lark Davis has highlighted factors supporting the belief that Bitcoin’s price trajectory will remain upward throughout the remainder of the year.

In a video shared on his X platform (formerly known as Twitter), Davis disclosed that, in addition to the Bitcoin Halving, two other events will propel the bull market forward, further fueling the rise in BTC’s price. Firstly, he emphasized that the stock market tends to exhibit positive performance 83% of the time during an election year.

Acknowledging that this aspect typically applies to stocks, he highlighted the integration of BTC into Wall Street, evidenced by the emergence of Spot Bitcoin ETFs and heightened institutional interest. He contended that BTC now mirrors traditional markets, suggesting that its price may align with stock market trends, potentially leading to positive reactions leading up to the November US election.

PlanB Predicts Bitcoin Peak In 2025

He discussed a possible decrease in interest rates, as forecasted by Goldman Sachs. According to the investment bank, there may be three rate cuts within the year, with the initial one expected around June. This projection suggests that investors could have additional capital for venturing into riskier assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

However, reasing liquidity in the cryptocurrency market has the potential to ignite a significant surge in the price of BTC. This was clearly demonstrated by the substantial spike in the flagship cryptocurrency’s value after the introduction of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, attracting fresh capital from institutional investors.

In a recent analysis, crypto analyst PlanB argued against concerns of a brief bull season, suggesting that the peak for BTC may not arrive until 2025. Intriguingly, he forecasted that Bitcoin’s value could surge to $1 million during the height of the market frenzy.

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