Cardano (ADA) Set For Major 70% Increase Amid Crypto Optimism

The cryptocurrency markets are showing a lot of optimism, with many tokens seeing big gains. Bitcoin recently went over $63,300, which has encouraged a rise in altcoins. Cardano (ADA), which had been struggling for a long time, now looks set for a strong rise.

A recent analysis by CryptoFaibik found a breakout from the Falling Wedge pattern, which often leads to a bullish reversal after some consolidation. This breakout hints at a possible rally of over 70% in the coming days. The falling wedge pattern is made up of trend lines that come together, sloping downwards and linking lower highs and lower lows, forming a narrowing corridor.

In ADA’s case, this pattern had been forming since Mar 2024, with price action steadily moving within these constricting lines. This prolonged consolidation phase often signifies a build-up of momentum, leading to a strong breakout once the price breaches the resistance. The breakout is clearly illustrated on the chart, with ADA breaking above the upper trendline of the Falling Wedge.

ADA On Track For Significant Rally

This move is accompanied by a noticeable uptick in volume, further validating the breakout. The significance of this pattern lies in its historical reliability; Falling Wedge breakouts often lead to substantial price increases as market sentiment shifts from bearish to bullish. CryptoFaibik anticipates a bullish rally of over 70% in the coming days, enhancing investor confidence in ADA.

As of now, Cardano (ADA) is trading at $0.416, reflecting a 3.93% increase. Over the last week, it has risen by 6%. However, ADA has stayed below $0.5 for over two months. To reverse this downtrend, it needs to surpass three key price barriers. Currently, ADA is testing resistance at $0.415, having surpassed the first resistance level at $0.405.

If ADA closes above the next resistance level at $0.414, it could signal a shift towards a more bullish market. The contraction of the Bollinger Bands suggests a significant price movement ahead. With prevailing bullish volume, a breakout above $0.45 seems likely. Sustained weekly closings above these levels could push the price toward $0.5 in the coming week.

Should the bulls maintain momentum and break above $0.55, Cardano (ADA) could escape bearish pressures and aim for higher levels starting at $0.6. On the other hand, a downturn from current levels would indicate that bears have turned $0.40 into resistance, potentially driving the price down to critical support at $0.35.

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