Cardano Founder Slams XRP Community For False & Misguided Campaign

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has expressed his frustration and disappointment with the XRP community for their persistent and unfounded attacks on him and his project. In a recent AMA session, Hoskinson accused the XRP community of waging a “relentless, overwhelming campaign” based on lies and misconceptions.

Hoskinson claimed that the XRP community has no interest in resolving the conflict or finding common ground with him or Cardano. He said:

There’s no desire for peace there. They don’t want peace because they don’t want to acknowledge for perhaps a moment that we are talking past each other.

The animosity stems from a conspiracy theory alleging that Ethereum supporters may have influenced the SEC to sue XRP for being an unregistered security. Hoskinson has been vocal in his support for Ethereum and his criticism of XRP.

Hoskinson challenged the XRP community to provide any evidence for their allegations of bribery or corruption. He also said:

“You have no evidence, XRP community. There is zero evidence that somebody bribed the US government to go after you. You have no evidence of that. It’s a conspiracy. If you have it, show it. Years have gone by. No one has shown it.”

He also called on Ripple executives Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz to denounce the conspiracy theory publicly and admit that it is based on a lie. Hoskinson said:

“I would love to see Brad and David Schwartz come out and physically say that all of that attack on our side is based on a lie.”

Cardano Founder On #ETHGate Controversy

Hoskinson clarified his position on the #ETHGate controversy, which refers to the claim that Ethereum received preferential treatment from the SEC. He said that the XRP community has misunderstood his comments. He said:

I never once said that #ETHGate didn’t happen. I said it doesn’t matter.

However, he claimed this issue should be more critical and valuable for XRP’s legal fight with the SEC. He dismissed the conspiracy theory that Ethereum supporters paid off the SEC to target XRP as unfounded and lacking proof. He said:

It’s entirely possible that someone could have bribed the SEC directly or indirectly, who knows, to give a free pass to Ethereum…To claim that they also went after XRP because someone bribed them is a conspiracy, and there’s no evidence.

Hoskinson urged the XRP community to engage in rational and evidence-based discussions rather than spreading false and misguided accusations. He said that he respects XRP as a project and hopes for a peaceful and productive coexistence in crypto.

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