Cardano Push: Scaling, Governance, Decentralized Marketing Critique

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano, recently utilized Twitter to respond to the continual criticism directed at the Cardano ecosystem. He conveyed his belief in the robustness of its approach to scalability, governance, and innovation. Hoskinson underscored the resilience of Cardano’s community and its forward-looking strategic direction.

He emphasized the progress made, including the forthcoming Chang hard fork, which aims to implement minimum-viable community-driven governance. SanchoNet and the Ouroboros Leios Protocol signify advancements within this hard fork, which also seeks to address the blockchain trilemma.

Additionally, Hoskinson illuminated Cardano’s ongoing research initiatives, emphasizing the expansion of research facilities and the significant production of 209 papers, signaling an expedited translation of research. Furthermore, he underscored Cardano’s impressive record of continuous uptime spanning over 2300 days, enhancing its reputation as a dependable blockchain platform.

In another tweet, Hoskinson referenced the community’s utilization of Cardano’s decentralized treasury to bolster a specialized decentralized marketing team. He specifically addressed this suggestion to a prominent Cardano stakeholder known as ADA whale, recognizing the account’s significant influence within the community.

Armstrong Urges Cardano Competitive Edge

The tweet highlighted by the founder of ADA Whale showcased the latest projects in development on the Cardano blockchain for the community’s attention.

The ‘LatestOnCardano’ series by the account emphasized recent achievements, including the rollout of Lenfi v2, which introduces pool manager NFTs to enhance lending pool yield and stake pool contributions. Additionally, notable updates mentioned the debut of ‘USDM,’ Cardano’s inaugural native fiat-backed stablecoin developed by Mehen.

However, In spite of his reservations, Armstrong stressed the importance of Cardano’s competitiveness against other blockchain ventures at a foundational level. He urged the community to brainstorm strategies for boosting Cardano’s adoption and appeal. Additionally, Armstrong extended an invitation to a members-only livestream focused on discussing Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem, which was declined by Hoskinson.

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