ChatGPT Popularity Sparks Elon Musk’s Interest In Creating A Competitor

Elon Musk is using his influence and resources to stop ChatGPT from taking over the artificial intelligence industry. He has talked to experts about creating a new research center to make a different chatbot to compete with ChatGPT, which OpenAI made.

The report says that Elon Musk is taking an interest in hiring Igor Babuschkin, who recently left DeepMind, a company that works on artificial intelligence. This news comes after ChatGPT became very popular. Musk started OpenAI with Sam Altman in 2015 to keep an eye on the progress of artificial intelligence.

He talked about ChatGPT and said it’s imposing. The chatbot can do many things, like write poetry, make recipes, and write computer programs. Elon Musk said he still wants to create an AI competing with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT became popular and got over 100 million users in less than two months. It also has more than 13 million people who use it daily, which is getting bigger. Because ChatGPT became so popular, it’s now one of the fastest-growing apps.

Elon Musk Criticizes OpenAI’s Approach To AI Training

In 2022, Elon Musk said that OpenAI was training AI to be overly cautious and easily upset. Another chatbot might have fewer rules about controversial topics than ChatGPT and a new Microsoft chatbot with a similar purpose.

ChatGPT compared the CEO of Tesla to Che Guevara. People believe that ChatGPT is swaying because its training data includes woke content. Musk criticizes artificial intelligence and thinks it should learn to be neutral in politics and society. He said OpenAI had become a “closed source” and a profit-driven company.

  Moreover, Elon Musk, who helped start OpenAI, disagrees with the company working with Microsoft.Microsoft has agreed to pay millions of dollars to use OpenAI’s cloud services and apps based on Azure. Despite some criticism, Binance has praised ChatGPT for its ability to help people learn and use cryptocurrency in a fun and easy-to-understand way. 

The use of AI technology has been increasing quickly and continues to grow. A study by MarketsandMarkets found that the global AI market was worth $62.35 billion in 2020 and will project to grow to $309.98 billion by 2026.

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