China’s Digital Yuan Struggles Despite Salary Trial: Report

China pushed its digital yuan to state employees. But most quickly moved the e-CNY funds to bank accounts. This revelation comes from a Coindesk report. The digital currency is failing to gain traction.

China has trialed the e-CNY across multiple cities since 2019. However, there’s no set national launch date yet. The e-CNY uses blockchain technology for traceability, which raises privacy concerns among users.

Sammy Lin, a trial participant, said, “I don’t keep e-yuan balances in the app.” He explained the lack of interest earnings was unappealing. Lin added, “There aren’t many places to use e-yuan online or offline.”

Most recipients instantly transfer e-CNY balances to bank accounts. They prefer spending the funds as cash. Leading payment apps like Alipay and WeChat Pay remain dominant. Physical cash usage, while declining, still outpaces e-CNY adoption.

Yuan CBDC Faces Adoption Hurdles

China is the global frontrunner in Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) development. Yet its e-CNY struggle underscores challenges to mainstream adoption. Most developed nations explore CBDCs as cash complements. However, consumer inertia toward familiar payment methods poses hurdles.

The traceability built into the e-CNY blockchain has sparked privacy worries. Users may shun it without stringent data privacy assurances. Overcoming such concerns is crucial for e-CNY’s success.

Progress enlisting major retailers and incentives could eventually boost adoption. But currently, lukewarm interest among recipients clouds the outlook. Unlocking broader acceptance remains an uphill battle for now.

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