Crypto Crusader: Pro-XRP Lawyer’s Bold Senate Aspirations & $1M Campaign Ambitions

Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton says he’s all set to challenge cryptocurrency critic Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race. He’s asking his big crypto-friendly social media following to support his campaign financially.

On X, Deaton posted to his 324,100 followers, saying he put $500,000 of his money into the Senate campaign. He also said he thinks he can challenge Warren, even though she’s been in the seat for 11 years.

“Some folks think Elizabeth Warren can’t be beat in Massachusetts. But they’re wrong. I can win.”

The election is on Sept. 3. Even though Deaton’s chipped in half the money for the campaign, he’s asking his supporters to pitch in another $500,000. They can give it in cash or crypto.

“You gotta trust in yourself, ’cause if I could, I’d fund it all alone because freedom’s at stake here. I’m reaching out because I can’t do it alone. My goal? To raise $1 million by the end of the quarter,” Deaton declared.

On Mar. 4, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, said he gave money to Deaton’s campaign. He thinks we need folks ready to stand up to the big banks who make our rules and hurt the Crypto world.

Deaton Launches Pro-XRP Senate Campaign

Moreover, On Feb. 20, as per Cointelegraph, Deaton formally commenced his campaign for a seat in the United States Senate representing Massachusetts.

In a video from his X account on Feb. 20, Deaton said his campaign will focus on “challenging the Washington elites,” arguing that Senator Warren “doesn’t achieve anything” for Massachusetts.

Deaton avoids discussing crypto in his campaign, but everyone knows there’s tension between him and government folks like Warren, who don’t like crypto.

In December 2023, Warren claimed there’s a constant cycle between the crypto world and Washington insiders. She said government folks might be setting themselves up for crypto lobbying jobs while still in office.

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