Crypto & Precious Metal Rally: A Historic Day For Bitcoin & Gold Prices

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a decline in tickers, reaching $67,206. However, on March 5, it achieved a groundbreaking milestone by surpassing $69,200 for the first time in history. This significant moment in the Bitcoin’s community coincided with notable advancements in traditional financial markets, as gold also reached an all-time high on the same day.

TradingView data reveals that spot gold achieved a new peak, reaching $2,130 around 1:30 pm UTC on March 5. This surpasses its earlier highs in early December, which were around $2,000.

In under two hours, Bitcoin achieved a milestone by reaching a historic peak, hitting the $69,210 price point at 3:00 pm UTC. This new all-time high for Bitcoin’s occurred over two years after it previously surged to $69,000 on November 9, 2021.

The new all-time highs were the first since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009. Both gold and Bitcoin have broken records simultaneously. Bitcoin and gold are seen as ways to protect against inflation. Many people quickly called it a “bad day for regular money.

Analyst Insights: Bitcoin Rise Tied To Lower Interest Rates

However, Certain analysts argue that the surge in gold and Bitcoin prices to unprecedented levels is driven by the anticipation of future lower interest rates aimed at maintaining manageable sovereign debt burdens.

Gold and Bitcoin are reaching historic highs simultaneously amidst a global backdrop marked by comparatively elevated interest rates, specifically 4.5% and above, across developed nations, as highlighted by Matthew Weller, the global head of research at StoneX. In his communication with Cointelegraph, the analyst remarked:

“Traders seek alternatives to fiat currencies due to high risk appetite. Inflation, debt levels, and geopolitical tensions also contribute.”

According to Weller, the enthusiasm surrounding the impending quadrennial halving event and the enormous inflows into spot BTC exchange-traded funds in the US are the main causes of the current increase in Bitcoin.

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