Decoding Bitcoin Halving: Insights From EMCD Pool CEO

Have you listened to the persistent chorus of skeptics predicting Bitcoin inevitable decline to zero? For the past couple of years, they’ve been repeating that tune relentlessly. However, as we concluded the previous year, a hint of optimism began to emerge. And now, with the halving only a month ahead, excitement fills the air.

Michael Jerlis, the CEO and originator of EMCD Mining Pool, has harbored a steadfast belief in Bitcoin’s potential for quite some time. Previously recognized on’s roster of entrepreneurs under 35, Michael presently provides invaluable perspectives on Bitcoin’s future trajectory and the expansive realm of cryptocurrencies.

However, Established in 2018, EMCD Mining Pool emerged from Michael’s personal experience in Bitcoin mining. Beginning from scratch, he familiarized himself with every aspect of the industry and aimed to extend the opportunity to others. Presently, EMCD caters to a user base exceeding 200,000, propelled by Michael’s aspiration for a cryptocurrency environment that is inclusive and gratifying for everyone.

I’ve directly observed how Bitcoin halvings affect mining operations and the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. These events underscore Bitcoin’s deflationary essence, stimulating scarcity and demand. At EMCD, our dedication extends beyond mere participation in mining; we aspire to be integral to the team forging a novel financial landscape grounded in trust and empowerment.

EMCD: Bitcoin Mining Dominance & Flexibility

The EMCD Mining Pool demonstrates its dominance in the cryptocurrency mining industry, boasting a formidable hashrate exceeding 15 Exahashes per second. Despite its impressive performance, EMCD maintains a modest fee of only 1.5%, allowing users to optimize their profits. Payouts are efficiently processed on a daily basis, with a minimum threshold of 0.0001 BTC, ensuring accessibility for miners at every skill level.

EMCD offers a range of mining options, extending beyond Bitcoin to include Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, and Kaspa. However, let’s face it, our primary focus is on Bitcoin. You have the flexibility to select your preferred earning method with various reward structures such as FPPS, PPLNS, and PPS+.

Despite the array of options available, Michael recognizes that Bitcoin mining remains the focal point of attention. “Bitcoin’s the original gangster, you know? It’s where the excitement lies,” he asserts. And Michael’s assertion holds weight, considering Bitcoin’s continued dominance in the field. “Don’t overlook our Coinhold savings account. It ensures you’re earning, even during periods of non-active mining,” he emphasizes.

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