Ethereum Plummet: Massive Whale Dumps 33K, Sparks Fears of Impending Crash

According to Spot On Chain, A big crypto whale known as ‘czsamsunsb.eth’, recently sold a massive 33,000 Ethereum (ETH) on Binance. This equals a whopping $75.74 million. Surprisingly, this happened right when the ETH price was going up again, making people in the crypto community wonder. This whale has a history of moving ETH to Binance before the market drops.

Now, investors and analysts are watching closely, trying to determine if this big sell-off is a sign that a crash in the Ethereum market is about to happen.

Chain’s latest post on the X platform talked about a big move by a whale. The whale did something clear-cut – it took out a whopping 32,930 ETH from staking and put it into Binance when the token’s value reached $2,300. Interestingly, this move fits with what the whale usually does. In the past, it has moved a lot of ETH to Binance just before the token’s price takes a noticeable dip.

At the same time, the big move of a lot of money, happening when the market was starting to get better, has worried traders and investors. Now, people in the crypto community are guessing why this huge transfer happened and if it means someone doesn’t trust where the ETH market is going.

The whale still has 12,186 staked ETH, worth about $28.1 million, in the Lido protocol. Now, we’re wondering if they’ll take out more ETH. That could mean they need more confidence in the recovery that’s happening.

Source: Spot On Chain

Analyzing Ethereum Rollercoaster: Whale Watch In Focus

As folks catch wind of the big ETH transfer by the whale in the crypto world, those keeping an eye on the market are getting jumpy. Everyone’s wondering if the whale is planning more moves, making Ethereum’s near future up in the air. Analysts say we should be ready for some ups and downs, and it’s crucial to keep a close eye on how trading goes and what the whale does in the next few days.

The Ethereum price is slightly higher, up by 0.97% in the last 24 hours. It’s now trading at $2,313.15. During this time, the trading volume shot up by more than 39%, reaching $6.14 billion. This second-biggest crypto has peaked at $2,322.65 and a low of $2,270.07 in the past 24 hours.

In the past day, Ethereum futures open interest went up by 5.21%, hitting 3.41 million ETH or $7.91 billion, according to CoinGlass data. Binance and Bybit led this increase, with Binance’s ETH open interest increasing by 3.20% to 1.16 million ETH, valued at about $2.69 billion. Bybit also saw a 1.61% rise, reaching $648.57K or $1.50 billion.

Crypto fans, be careful and watch what’s happening in the market now. A big player selling a bunch of crypto adds extra complications to the already-changing crypto world. This huge sell-off has serious effects, so it’s super important for investors to stay in the loop and adjust their plans.

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