Ethereum Upgrade: Three EIPs Added In Cancun Agreement

The upcoming Cancun upgrade in Ethereum will now feature three new EIPs, according to a recent development in the cryptocurrency world. This decision was communicated via a tweet by Christine Kim, a research analyst previously associated with CoinDesk and currently with GalaxyHQ.

Ethereum Community Introduces Four New Improvement Proposals

EIP 6780, EIP 6475, and EIP 1153 are the Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) that will be discussed in Cancun. The proposed change to the SELFDESTRUCT opcode will send all ETH in an account to the caller. However, this will not happen if the opcode is called in the same transaction created by a contract.

The upcoming EIP 6475 will add a new SSZ type for optional values. This will increase the compatibility of EIP 4844 with future SSZ updates. EIP 1153 introduces new opcodes for manipulating state like storage opcodes but discarded after every transaction.

It is significant to note that discussions over the Cancun upgrade’s scope are ongoing, and several other EIPs are still being considered for possible inclusion. However, the inclusion of EIP 6780 is subject to the findings of an audit, which will be made public in about a month. EIP 6475 also needs minor adjustments over the coming days to be Cancun-ready.

Interestingly, the only EIPs removed from consideration for Cancun were those involving the EOF (Ethereum Virtual Machine Object Format) code. However, @shemnon, a developer for EOF implementation, commented: “It hurts, but it’s the right decision.

The Ethereum ecosystem will undergo significant changes through the Cancun upgrade. These EIPs will play a crucial role in achieving the upgrade’s goal. The upcoming upgrade has generated anticipation among Ethereum users and enthusiasts, who eagerly await the release of the audit results and the completion of minor tweaks to EIP 6475. They want to know the complete list of changes that will be implemented.

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