Exclusive Scoop: Shiba Inu’s ERC-404 NFT Marketing Intel Revealed

Following eager anticipation, the latest ERC-404 Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) from Shiba Inu, known as Sheboshi, are now ready for claiming. Notably, Lucie, a prominent marketing influencer for Shiba Inu, has provided valuable insights for NFT enthusiasts keen on acquiring these distinctive dog-themed NFTs.

On Wednesday, Lucie revealed a three-step strategy for minting and claiming the Sheboshi NFT collectibles in a post on X (formerly Twitter). By guaranteeing equitable distribution and compensating early adopters, the strategic method seeks to provide transparency on the NFT decreases.

In the initial stage, Lucie announced that the Sheboshi NFTs, with an approximate value of 0.14 ETH, will be exclusively accessible to the original holders of Shiboshi. These individuals are those who had previously bought any of the 10,000 exclusive Shiboshi NFT collections generated by Shiba Inu and released in 2021.

The marketing lead for SHIB has revealed that Shiboshi holders have a restricted window of 48 hours to redeem an NFT. Furthermore, the redemption process is cost-free, with holders only required to cover gas fees before receiving their NFTs.

Shiboshi Rush: Limited 24-Hour NFT Window

After Shiba Inu successfully debuted its highly anticipated Sheboshi NFT collectibles on Wednesday, Shiboshi holders now have a limited 24-hour window to acquire an NFT before the 48-hour deadline expires.

During the second stage, Lucie has offered Doge Killer (LEASH) token holders a special opportunity to create their Sheboshi NFTs at a set cost of 0.05 ETH, which is approximately $146.67, considering the present Ethereum value. Additionally, she has granted a restricted 24-hour timeframe for holders to mint their tokens at this advantageous price.

In the concluding stage, Lucie has revealed that the Sheboshi claiming and minting procedure will be open to the public, providing an opportunity for anyone intrigued to engage in the NFT drops. The maximum minting price for NFTs is set at 0.05 ETH, and this stage will continue until all the NFTs are successfully sold out.

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