Integrating Chiliz & zkSync: Nansen’s Blockchain Fusion

Crypto enthusiasts seeking the freshest developments in SportFi and zero-knowledge rollups can now stay updated with data and insights from blockchain platforms Chiliz and Ethereum layer 2 zkSync, thanks to the latest integrations on Nansen.

On Mar 28, the blockchain analytics platform declared the incorporation of two distinct protocols, thereby enabling on-chain data analytics and insights for its user base.

However, Nansen’s data journalist, Martin Lee, explained to Cointelegraph that the integration offers a comprehensive glimpse into both ecosystems, empowering cryptocurrency teams to conduct personalized queries and derive insights directly from the raw data using Nansen’s querying tool.

Through the macro dashboard, users can access information on daily active users, transaction volumes on the chain, and identify the entities and protocols experiencing the highest levels of usage, providing valuable insights.

The feature will enable access to valuable data insights regarding Chiliz, the exclusive blockchain behind numerous fan tokens authorized by renowned sports teams and organizations globally, all operating on the Socios platform.

Chiliz Blockchain: Dominating Football Clubs

Data provided by CoinMarketCap reveals that the Chiliz blockchain boasts a collective market capitalization amounting to $1.2 billion. This ecosystem has successfully drawn in numerous prominent football clubs, such as Manchester City and Paris Saint Germain (PSG).

Cointelegraph used Nansen 2, a tool that analyzes Chiliz’s blockchain. Nansen 2 shows around 2,100 active addresses per day. Galatasaray, PSG, and Manchester City top the on-chain entities last week. Binance and Trabzonspor follow closely.

The Ethereum scaling solution zkSync stands out as a prominent zero-knowledge proof rollup within the ecosystem. It consistently handles more than a million transactions every day, serving over 350,000 addresses, as reported by data from Nansen’s dashboard.

Matter Labs’ Head of Business Development, Omar Azhar, is confident that the collaboration with Nansen will bring significant value to both the zkSync ecosystem and the broader Web3 landscape. This integration aims to streamline on-chain data processing, making it not only actionable but also easily understandable.

For its blockchain analytics and wallet labelling, Nansen has become well-known. In Oct 2022, Alex Svanevik, Nansen’s founder, was interviewed by Cointelegraph. The interview took place in the company’s Singapore offices. He told the story of how Nansen started. The platform checks lots of data daily from different blockchains.

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