Kiyosaki Advocates Bitcoin As A Path To Millionaire Status

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” stated that owning Bitcoin is the simplest way to achieve millionaire status. He believes that Bitcoin performs the hard work for investors.

Kiyosaki explained that entrepreneurship requires intelligence, dedication, and luck, while Bitcoin eliminates these challenges. He shared this perspective on the X social media network.

Some of Kiyosaki’s followers argued that Bitcoin’s current high price makes it nearly impossible for the average person to become a millionaire. They expressed concerns about the accessibility of BTC investments.

Research by Kaiko revealed that approximately 2,000 new Bitcoin millionaire wallets are created daily. This indicates a significant number of people still achieve millionaire status through BTC.

Kiyosaki’s $350K Bitcoin Forecast

Glassnode reported about 115,000 BTC wallet addresses hold over $1 million. These wallets do not necessarily belong to individual investors, highlighting the concentration of wealth.

Kiyosaki predicted that BTC could reach $350,000 by August, which attracted skepticism from the cryptocurrency community. Critics questioned the feasibility of such a high valuation.

The leading cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading at $67,730 on the Bitstamp exchange. This marks a 2.6% decline over the past 24 hours.

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