MEXC Clears Air on CEO’s Twitter Exit

MEXC has taken action quickly to refute concerns about the removal of its Twitter account and address reports that there are problems within the company. The MEXC wrote on Dec 24 to clear up confusion, telling its community that the account had long since cut ties with MEXC after CEO John Chen Ju’s departure in July of last year.

Users had grown anxious as reports of frozen accounts from Dec 16 and difficulties in withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the exchange surfaced. MEXC acknowledged these challenges but attributed them to a broader wave of misinformation and baseless claims intended to harm the platform’s reputation.

The exchange admits to inadequately communicating the CEO’s departure. Consequently, MEXC_CEO deleted the account abruptly without prior notice, causing widespread confusion among many people. In reply, MEXC apologized and pledged to make timely public announcements of all future personnel changes involving official media accounts.

User reports of delays, especially with Kaspa (KAS) tokens, cause MEXC to tell its users that the exchange is still running smoothly and all systems operate normally. In an attempt to put rumors and worries at rest, the exchange actively encourages users. Urge them not to be bamboozled by misleading information or individuals with ulterior motives.

MEXC Warns Legal Action, Emphasizes Transparency

MEXC adopted a hard line against defamation and the dissemination of misinformation, threatening legal action if anyone made baseless claims. The exchange emphasized its commitment to maintaining a trustworthy and transparent platform. It advised users to adhere to accurate information from official sources to ensure reliable and informed decision-making.

Moreover, facing challenges in a complex information environment, MEXC strives to overcome obstacles. The exchange aims to regain users by addressing historical and emerging concerns, including issues like account dropping and operational differences.

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