Modi’s Cyber Call: Spearheading Global Cooperation Against Cyber Threats

Indian Prime Ministe­r Narendra Modi called for global teamwork to tackle­ modern problems like Cyber dangers and digital currencies. His ple­a was heard at the 2024 Confere­nce of the Commonwealth Le­gal Education Association and Commonwealth Attorneys & Solicitors Gene­ral.

At the gathering hosted at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, Modi emphasized the imperative of cohesive justice delivery in the face of growing interdependence in contemporary society. During his address at the conference, he specifically highlighted the significance of global collaboration to tackle the intricate web of transnational crimes.

Modi underscored the pivotal role of collaborative partnerships with other nations in ensuring a streamlined justice delivery system within a country. He highlighted the significance of developing the capability to comprehend varied legal systems and fostering increased cooperation as essential for achieving efficient justice.

Moreover, Modi conveyed his conviction that an interactive system could expedite the dispensation of justice. He also believes that it would guarantee jurisdiction functions as a tool for delivering justice rather than as a mechanism to impede the process.

Innovative Solutions: Modi’s Cyber Vision

In his address, the prime minister warned about the expansive reach of criminal syndicates, forming intricate networks that transcend international borders and regional boundaries. Pointing to the surge in cryptocurrency usage and escalating cyber threats, he underscored the imperative for innovative solutions to tackle these 21st-century challenges. Consequently, he advocated for a comprehensive reassessment, rejuvenation, and restructuring of the existing legal frameworks.

Modi put forth a dynamic legal framework designed to adapt to contemporary circumstances, aiming to establish a reinvigorated system for dispensing justice. Additionally, he underscored the importance of enhancing legal education to elevate the quality of justice delivery. His attention also centered on fostering inclusive educational policies that encourage greater involvement of women in the legal field.

In addition to presenting his policy recommendations, the prime minister emphasized his administration’s initiative to abolish outdated laws dating back to the colonial period. He highlighted that this move has positively impacted India’s overall quality of life and business operations.

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