Next-Gen Crypto Titans: Unveiling The Move & Cosmos Ecosystems

Former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal recently offered his view on which crypto ecosystems could see explosive adoption akin to Solana’s meteoric rise in the current market cycle. According to the Real Vision CEO, two blockchain ecosystems stand out as the frontrunners to become the next breakout layer-one networks.

In a new interview on the Bankless podcast, Pal highlighted blockchains utilizing the Move programming language, such as Sui and Aptos, and those built on the Cosmos ecosystem, including upstart Celestia. The former hedge fund manager believes these two groups represent the most likely candidates to drive widespread adoption as the potential “Solanas” of this current cycle.

“Listening to people like Chris Burniske and Meltem Demirors, seeing what I’ve seen with stuff like the Sui Foundation, I go with the thesis that there are two ecosystems that will probably be in the race here,” Pal stated. “The layer-one race, the big adoption. It’s the Move protocol, that’s the Sui and Aptos. May the best projects win, because it’s different and has a lot of different use cases. And then there’s Cosmos: Celestia and others.”

Crypto Influencer Pal Eyes Move & Cosmos In Layer-One Battlegrounds

Pal sees the Move and Cosmos ecosystems separating themselves from the pack as the primary battlegrounds for the next wave of layer-one blockchain disruption and growth. While he acknowledged that Avalanche made strides last cycle, Pal doesn’t view it as gaining the same full-scale traction as Move and Cosmos this time.

“Avalanche got it last cycle, but it doesn’t feel like it’s getting full-scale adoption; it’s kind of in that lower tier,” he commented.

The former fund manager’s analysis provides insight into where influential voices in the crypto space see momentum building amongst the myriad of layer-one networks vying for market dominance. As a respected industry voice, Pal’s predictions around Move and Cosmos will likely spur further interest and examination of those ecosystems from investors and developers alike.

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