Nigeria SEC Proposes Hefty Fee Hike For Crypto Exchanges Amidst Economic Turbulence

In a bold move to regulate the burgeoning cryptocurrency market, Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced a significant increase in the registration fees for crypto exchanges. The proposed amendment to the existing guidelines will see the application fee jump from 100,000 naira ($62) to 300,000 naira ($186), with the registration fee soaring by 400% from 30 million naira ($18,620) to 150 million naira ($93,000).

The SEC’s decision comes as part of an effort to provide greater clarity within the crypto sector and to integrate feedback from industry participants, especially following recent consultations with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This regulatory shift is not just a mere update but a reflection of the SEC’s commitment to adapting to the dynamic nature of digital finance.

The revised framework also includes a substantial increase in the processing fee, which has risen from 300,000 naira ($186) to 1 million naira ($620). Moreover, the SEC has proposed a rebranding of the rules, changing the title from “New Rules on Issuance, Offering Platforms and Custody of Digital Assets” to “Rules on Digital Assets Issuance, Offering Platforms, Exchange, and Custody.”

These amendments are intended to enhance the regulatory landscape and incorporate valuable insights from ongoing dialogues with the CBN. The SEC’s approach aims to strike a balance between fostering innovation in the digital asset space and ensuring the protection of investors and the integrity of the financial system.

SEC Proposed Crypto Capital Requirement

However, the proposed changes have not been without controversy. The new requirement for a 500 million naira ($310,343) paid-up capital has drawn criticism from some quarters, with concerns that it may disproportionately benefit international firms at the expense of local Nigerian enterprises.

Nigeria has been at the forefront of crypto adoption, ranking as the second-largest crypto economy globally in 2023 and earning the title of the most crypto-obsessed nation based on Google search data. The country’s pivot towards cryptocurrency comes amid economic challenges, including a departure from a longstanding currency peg and a surge in consumer inflation to nearly 30% in Jan 2024, as reported by the National Bureau of Statistics.

The SEC’s proposed fee hike is a testament to Nigeria’s proactive stance in shaping the future of digital assets. By calibrating the cost of entry for crypto exchanges, the SEC is not only safeguarding the market but also setting a precedent for other nations grappling with the integration of cryptocurrencies into their financial ecosystems.

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