Polygon Boosts Its Developer Community With Village Startup Support

Polygon, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is taking a bold step to grow its developer community and challenge the leading protocol in this space – Cardano.

On its official X page, Polygon announced the launch of Village Startup Support, a “tailored support program for select founders offering immersive guidance, strategic support, 1:1 mentorship, and access to an elite network.”

This initiative is similar to the Grizzlython campaign that Solana initiated in 2023, with the aim of fostering a new wave of innovators on the platform. Polygon revealed 17 diverse projects that it has selected for its program.

Among them, Moongate is a project that offers an “all-in-one solution to create and adopt NFT tickets and membership” for brands and events. Besides NFT integration and real-world applications of digital collectibles, some of the projects also focus on sustainability, lifestyle, gaming and tokenization.

The Polygon protocol is going through a radical transformation, and the emergence of these projects might help enhance its development. As these projects grow and mature, they will add value to Polygon’s and benefit all the participants in the network.

Polygon Aims For L2 Supremacy

Furthermore, Polygon has been on a remarkable growth trajectory in the past few years, achieving significant network achievements. In its quest for L2 supremacy, Polygon’s has posed a strong threat to protocols like Solana, especially in terms of its NFT innovation. Also, Polygon is planning to upgrade to Polygon 2.0, with plans to rebrand MATIC to POL in the near future.

However, all the technical aspects of these upgrades are already finalized with a couple of network updates spanning a period of time needed to bring the innovations to the mainnet. At the time of writing, MATIC is up 1.8% to $0.7952, according to CoinMarketCap.

similarly, Polygon partnered with Nomura, a leading financial services group, to use Polygon’s institutional WEB3 network for asset tokenization. This collaboration showcases Polygon’s potential in the financial sector and its compatibility with traditional institutions2.

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