Rich Dad Author Buys More Bitcoin Amidst Massive Price Surge

As Bitcoin price skyrocketed over 11% in the last 24 hours, briefly surpassing $63,000, personal finance expert Robert Kiyosaki reaffirmed his bullish outlook on the cryptocurrency. In a recent tweet, the author of the bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” stated he continued buying Bitcoin due to his concerns over the global banking system, geopolitical instability, and the advent of centralized digital currencies.

Kiyosaki has been vocal about his support for Bitcoin over the past year. Earlier this week, he tweeted that he was purchasing more Bitcoin because he believes the banking crisis is worsening and risks are increasing globally. He also criticized central banks for seeking to launch their centralized cryptocurrencies, which he feels will be used to spy on citizens. For these reasons, Kiyosaki tweeted that he prefers to use Bitcoin and silver coins instead of “fake US dollars.”

The flagship cryptocurrency has seen a remarkable resurgence in price after dropping below $40,000 in January. Over the last month, growing interest in spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offered by companies like BlackRock and Fidelity and increasingly bullish sentiment has led to a steady rise past $50,000. On the last day alone, Bitcoin climbed from around $57,000 to above $63,000 before pulling back slightly to $62,770 at the time of writing.

Kiyosaki On Bitcoin Opportunities

While enthusiastic about Bitcoin’s potential, Kiyosaki has said he would welcome a Bitcoin crash. Earlier this year, he stated that if Bitcoin’s price were to collapse, he would happily acquire more of the leading digital asset. “Sale” is one of his favorite words regarding financial markets, as he sees significant dips as opportunities to purchase assets at a discount.

In addition to his praise of BTC, Kiyosaki has lately directed harsh criticism at the Federal Reserve. He asserts that the Fed has essentially ruined the US economy and made lower and middle-class citizens poorer than before through reckless financial policies. With inflation in America now at a 40-year high, the renowned author advocates that people take control of their finances by investing in appreciating assets like BTC.

As Bitcoin continues its dramatic price swing, passing $62,000 today, Kiyosaki remains devoted to its long-term growth prospects. For him and many other high-profile investors, Bitcoin represents a hedge against global economic uncertainty and excessive central bank power. Whether BTC rises or crashes again, Kiyosaki will suggest people buy the dip.

Source: Tradingview

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