Ripple CTO Warns Of X Phishing Scam, Debunks Satoshi Claims

David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, raised the alarm about a new phishing scam targeting users on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter. Going by @JoelKatz on X, Schwartz cautioned the Ripple community against falling victim to this fraudulent scheme.

The scam involves direct messages claiming to be from the X support team. The messages accuse recipients of copyright violations and demand a response within 24 hours by following a suspicious link. Schwartz shared a screenshot of one such message, stating it was fake and warning against clicking the link, as it leads to a phishing site designed to steal X login credentials and personal information.

Schwartz emphasized that the scammers have amassed over 210,000 followers and appear to have been active on X since 2010, lending an air of credibility to their nefarious activities. He urged his followers to exercise caution and avoid engaging with such messages or links.

Debunking Satoshi Nakamoto Rumors

In a separate incident, Schwartz took to X to address persistent rumours about his alleged involvement in creating Bitcoin. He shared a selfie from the Consensus 2024 event featuring himself and an anonymous individual wearing a golden mask, alluding to Satoshi Nakamoto’s mysterious identity.

“Finally, absolute proof I am not Satoshi,” Schwartz quipped, once again refuting the speculation that he is the enigmatic creator of the world’s first cryptocurrency. While acknowledging that the idea of him being Satoshi is “not true but plausible,” Schwartz continues to dispel such allegations within the crypto community.

Schwartz’s efforts to combat scams and misinformation underscore the importance of vigilance and critical thinking in the digital age, especially in the cryptocurrency and emerging technologies space.

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