Solana wallet phantom Extended its functionality, supporting multiple blockchains and expands to Ethereum and Polygon.

Built on Solana blockchain, Phantom is a well-known Web3 wallet. It has declared its intention that phantom is supporting multiple blockchains and has expanded itself to Ethereum and Polygon. This move follows comparable integrations by Magic Eden, a popular NFT marketplace that frequently utilizes Phantom for interactions.

said that It’s evident that the significance of self-custody has increased significantly. However, there is uncertainty about the multichain future and how individuals will manage various wallets on different chains.

Ape, an NFT project, tweeted that taking a chain-agnostic approach would facilitate the connection of all participants in the digital landscape. This would eventually benefit all ecosystems.

Wallet offers several features, such as sophisticated transaction previews, alerts in real-time, and “human-readable” transaction context, as per reports. This latter feature is presently absent in the market and Its absence has resulted in a range of vulnerabilities in the crypto space.

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