Spot Bitcoin ETF: Noob Buyers & Panic Selling

The approval from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in mid-January, billions of dollars have flowed into the creation of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Yet, recent on-chain analysis suggests that certain investors in these ETFs may possess less experience than previously believed.

In conversation with X, Willy Woo, an on-chain analyst, discussed Bitcoin’s Network Flows data, highlighting key insights indicating that certain spot Bitcoin ETFs may be experiencing rapid market shakeouts.

In a recent update, Woo highlighted a significant $1.6 billion departure from spot Bitcoin ETFs following the price plummet on Mar 5. Conversely, amidst this downturn, there was a noteworthy $1.1 billion influx into the network. This movement of funds away from spot Bitcoin ETFs alongside a substantial influx of cash into the mainnet suggests that certain investors may have opted to redeem and acquire the underlying coin, clarifying the capital injection.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs provide an uncomplicated and convenient avenue for investing in Bitcoin. Unlike ETFs reliant on futures, which bet on future prices, spot Bitcoin ETFs directly follow Bitcoin’s current price. Consequently, investors can access Bitcoin’s exposure without navigating the intricacies of purchasing and storing the actual coins.

Investor Behavior: Bitcoin ETF Insights

They simply have to buy shares of spot Bitcoin ETFs from providers such as BlackRock, where each purchase is backed by a specific quantity of Bitcoin’s.

Yet, according to on-chain data, investors opted to reclaim their shares amidst price declines, preferring self-custody of their coins over entrusting the issuer and its partners with control over their private keys. SEC filings in the United States indicate that most ETF issuers depend on Coinbase Custody as their principal custodian.

The regulated third party oversees the protection of billions in Bitcoin’s assets, supporting each share of the spot BTC ETF currently circulating. Recent activity suggests a redistribution of funds directly onto the mainnet, as evidenced by the influx of Woo shares, aligning with prior research findings. CoinDesk’s report highlights that a significant portion of initial demand for the spot Bitcoin ETF likely originated from retail investors.

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