Tron Blockchain Founder Backs Changpeng Zhao Ahead Of Sentencing

Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain, shared an emotional post on X (formerly Twitter), voicing his support for fellow crypto mogul Changpeng Zhao (CZ), whose sentencing in the United States is scheduled for April 30th.

Furthermore, Sun’s message of solidarity comes after the former Binance CEO apologized for his “poor decisions” in a letter addressed to the judge overseeing his case on April 23rd. In the letter, CZ accepted “full responsibility” for his actions, which prosecutors allege include violations of anti-money laundering and sanctions laws.

Justin Sun Backs CZ Amid Legal Woes On Tron Blockchain

On April 25th, Justin Sun took to X and shared his thoughts on CZ’s upcoming sentencing with his 3.5 million followers. In the first post, Sun praised the 161 letters of support CZ received from friends and relatives, noting that they demonstrated “CZ’s profound impact on the blockchain industry.”

“I also felt the unprecedented unity and touching past behind the blockchain industry. As a guardian of the industry, CZ’s contribution is indelible. I sincerely hope that CZ can return safely and continue to lead the industry to explore infinite possibilities. Time will prove everything!” Justin Sun wrote.

Sun noted that one letter in particular, written by Yi, deeply touched him. The letter depicted how the daily life of crypto founders is “no longer the entrepreneurial game” that started a decade ago. “Instead, it truly shapes the ups and downs of the development of many industries, is related to the joys and sorrows of real families, and affects the enforcement of policies by governments of various countries,” Sun wrote in a second post.

Moreover, According to Sun, being a pioneer in the crypto industry now feels like “standing on the edge of an abyss and treading on thin ice.” The emotional plea highlights the high stakes and immense pressure those at the forefront of the rapidly evolving and often turbulent cryptocurrency space face.

Despite CZ’s legal troubles, Sun’s public support display underscores the deep camaraderie and sense of unity within the tight-knit crypto community. As one of the industry’s most prominent figures, Sun’s backing could carry significant weight and influence as CZ’s sentencing approaches.

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