UN Scrutinizes North Korea’s Brazen Crypto Heists

The United Nations (UN) has issued a damning report highlighting North Korea’s extensive involvement in crypto heists, which have generated billions of dollars to finance the country’s weapons programs. The panel of experts revealed that since 2017, these illicit cyber activities have accounted for an estimated 50% of North Korea’s foreign currency earnings.

The report meticulously details 58 cryptocurrency heists orchestrated by North Korean actors from 2017 to the present day, amassing a staggering $3 billion. These funds have been funnelled into various national programs, including the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), posing a grave threat to global security.

In 2023 alone, the panel investigated 17 crypto-related incidents perpetrated by suspected North Korean entities, resulting in the theft of over $750 million. These brazen operations underscore the scale and sophistication of North Korea’s hacking campaigns, which employ diverse techniques to infiltrate and exploit vulnerabilities in cryptocurrency platforms.

“A UN official familiar with the report stated that these hackers utilize methods such as social engineering, third-party attacks, cryptocurrency mixers, and assaults on crypto bridges. ” Their reach extends to money laundering schemes involving various brokers, making it challenging to trace the illicit funds.”

However, the panel highlighted the involvement of notorious hacking groups like Lazarus, Andariel, Bluenoroff, Scarcruft, and Kimsuky, and recommended targeted sanctions against these entities to disrupt their operations.

Mitigating Crypto Crime Threats

TRM Labs, a leading cybersecurity firm, corroborated the UN’s findings, estimating North Korea’s crypto crime earnings for 2023 to be at least $600 million. The firm also shed light on the conversion of these illicit funds into tangible assets through mechanisms like Tron-based UDST and engagement with high-volume brokers.

In response to these grave threats, the UN report urges the adoption of robust cybersecurity measures, including two-factor authentication processes, cold offline wallet storage, and continuous network monitoring. However, international cooperation and targeted sanctions against suspected North Korean hacking groups should disrupt their nefarious activities.

As the global financial ecosystem grapples with the implications of these cyber heists, the UN’s report serves as a stark reminder of the urgency to bolster cybersecurity defences and combat the proliferation of cyber threats posed by state-sponsored actors like North Korea.

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