Unbeatable Deals: 37 Tokens Including XRP, ADA, Amid Bullish Cycle

The crypto Bullish cycle kicked off in late 2023, gaining momentum, particularly around October. It fully manifested this year as Bitcoin surpassed its all-time high from 2021. Nonetheless, certain digital assets have not fully seized the opportunity presented by this thriving market, with Bitcoin leading the charge.

Colin Wu, a notable reporter from Asia, has recently curated a list spotlighting the top 37 cryptocurrencies experiencing negative growth year-to-date (YTD), showcasing potential discount investment opportunities.

XRP took the lead among cryptocurrencies, holding the sixth position in market value, totaling approximately $28.56 billion. Currently priced at $0.51, XRP has witnessed a 15.33% decline from its opening price in 2024. Beginning the year in the $0.6 range, it hit a low of $0.433 this month.

Despite recent significant price drops, Bitcoin has sustained a gain of 48.9% since the beginning of this year. Similarly, Ethereum (ETH), its closest competitor, has maintained a 36.45% increase despite facing similar fluctuations.

Santiment Signals: Altcoin Discounts & Amid Bullish Cycle

Nevertheless, the recent market downturns spearheaded by Bitcoin have compelled several altcoins, including Cardano (ADA), Internet Computer (ICP), Chainlink (LINK), and Avalanche (AVAX), which previously excelled during the bull market’s initial stages, to concede their profits to the bears.

Remember that Santiment, a well-known market intelligence firm, has recently published data suggesting that altcoins, priced where they are now, offer a significant discount for those looking to buy in before the upcoming bull rally.

Following Bitcoin’s retreat to the $60K range before the halving, the market has witnessed disheartening performances. Despite the completion of the halving, Bitcoin struggles against bearish pressures, leading to a lackluster recovery and dampening investor morale.

Among the assets experiencing negative growth presently, according to the list, are APT, XLM, and FIL. Although these coins are currently in decline, they could represent a buying opportunity before the expected bull market, as noted by Santiment.

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