Unpacking Polygon zkEVM Downtime: Insights Into Blockchain Sequencer Struggles

Polygon, which helps Ethereum grow bigger, is facing a problem with its special Ethereum Virtual Machine called zkEVM. It’s down right now because of a hiccup with its blockchain sequencer.

On X, Polygon told its two million followers that the problem only affects zkEVM. They said it doesn’t mess with other chains made with the Polygon chain kit.

This only affects Polygon zkEVM, which is the only roll-up. It doesn’t affect Polygon’s PoS, Polygon’s CDK, or any chain built with Polygon CDK.

Polygon said the issue arises from the blockchain sequencer. It sorts and groups transactions into bundles before sending them to the Polygon’s zkEVM smart contract on Ethereum’s main network.

The blockchain platform stressed that it’s actively addressing the problem and pledged to share a thorough “post-mortem” statement once it’s sorted out.

Many X users wondered why the crypto community hasn’t said anything about the unexpected long network downtime.

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Moreover, the Solana network encountered another setback just a month after experiencing a notable outage.

On Feb 6, block production on Solana stopped for over five hours, prompting validators to reboot the network. This incident marks one of Solana’s significant outages since Jan 2022.

In Mar 2023, Polygon’s introduced the zkEVM on its mainnet beta, aiming to empower developers by enabling them to deploy smart contracts with heightened finality and reduced costs.

Polygon’s asserted that the open-source zkEVM facilitates the scalability of decentralized applications by employing transaction batching, thereby enabling enhanced performance.

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