Validator Rally Sparks Excitement As XRP Nears AMM Implementation With Rippled 2.0.1

The movement towards integrating an automated market maker (AMM) into the XRP blockchain is gaining momentum, with an increasing number of network validators expressing their commitment to vote in favor of its adoption.

In a recent article on X, Panos Mekras, the co-founder of Anodos Finance, highlighted the debut of Rippled version 2.0.1, the server software for XRPL. Mekras, expressing optimism, indicated that the introduction of the proposed AMM amendment on the XRP Ledger was now more imminent than ever, given the enhancements accompanying the latest software release.

Moreover, notable XRP validators have declared their commitment to implementing the latest Rippled version 2.0.1. Specifically, Wietse Wind, the creator of XRPL Labs, has revealed intentions to incorporate the updated software version into the XRPL Labs validator and multiple nodes within their network.

After completing the installation, Wind announced that should the implementation progress smoothly, he plans to cast a “yes” vote for the AMM Amendment within the next fortnight.

XRP Validates AMM Upgrade With Rippled 2.0.1

Similarly, Dirk Schepens, the creator of xSPECTAR, announced their plans to implement Rippled 2.0.1. Schepens stated that they will assess the system’s performance during a brief monitoring period and support the suggested AMM if it operates as expected.

Similarly, the developers of the XRP blockchain explorer, XRPscan, have announced the upgrade of the XRPScan validator to Rippled v2.0.1. Subsequent to this update, they are supporting several modifications to the XRPL, including the AMM.

As of the latest update, information from XRPscan indicates that support for the proposed AMM has reached over 68%, with 24 validators expressing a “yes” vote for the amendment. It’s important to highlight that the successful implementation of the automated market maker depends on securing an 80% endorsement from XRPL validators.

The latest count represents a notable advancement compared to the mere 16 “yes” votes recorded on Dec 7. Importantly, the XLS-30D AMM Amendment is set to offer XRP holders an exclusive chance to earn passive income through their XRP holdings by introducing a liquidity staking pool to the XRP ecosystem.

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