Xahau Network Boosts Performance With Codebase Release

Xahau Network, the smart contract sidechain of XRP Ledger, has unveiled its latest codebase release, marked as “Xahaud version 2023.12.29+689.” This release, the first since the network’s mainnet launch in Oct 2023, comes with crucial fixes and quality-of-life advancements.

Richard, the Chief Technology Officer at XRPL Labs, shared this announcement via Twitter, urging Xahau node operators to adopt the upgrade to prevent amendment-blocking issues swiftly. The “Xahaud version 2023.12.29+689” introduces a small yet important type of fix to enhance the sidechain’s overall performance, security, and usability.

Among the noteworthy updates is introducing the new amendment “fixXahauV1,” which enforces a namespace limit of 256 per account. The upgrade also resolves a bug that prevented the deletion of certain hooks. Additionally, accounts can appear more than once in a Genesis Mint transaction. Hook parameters and size fees have been integrated into all transactions, with a rate of 1 drop per byte.

In addition, the update handles essential fixes to RPC. It ensures that correct amounts are added, and CTIDs are implemented when using RPC calls. This news comes after the big start of Xahau Network in October 2023. Since then, there have been continued connections and growth.

Xahau Codebase Audited for Security

The Xahau codebase, known as Xahaud, was checked thoroughly for security while it came out. This made sure that everything followed high safety rules carefully from the start. FYEO, one of Xahau’s first admin games and safety partners for checking rules, got the sidechain checked. The check had three main targets, looking closely at safety weaknesses and inside problems within the Xahau sidechain network.

As the Xahau System keeps changing, this new improvement shows that it is focused on keeping things running well and improving safety as you use its services. Node controllers are told to use the new version quickly. This helps make sure they have a normal and safe space for work.

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