XRP-Powered Transparency: The Root Network’s CEO Addresses Token Backing

Futureverse CEO Aaron McDonald clarified the 1:1 backing of rXRP tokens on The Root Network by XRP on (XRPL). Responding to user Thomas Silkjaer’s query about airdrop distribution, McDonald cited developmental iterations and transparent consolidation efforts.

Silkjaer questioned the distribution of 360,000 tokens when the XRPL bridge account had only received 48,000 XRP, and The Root Network showed a total XRP balance of 680,000. McDonald addressed this by explaining multiple bridging processes during the pre-launch phase.

McDonald promised interested people a forthcoming detailed report regarding the transparency and tracking of VORTEX, which had proved impossible to unravel. Secure asset fund for users (SAFU) was presented as the necessary measure to protect those funds under this model.

XRP Backing Clarified by The Root Network CEO

The Root Network, a decentralized blockchain integrated with its Ledger DEX, operates a dual-token system – ROOT for security and governance and XRP for gas fees. The recent airdrop awarded 602,000 Vortex tokens, containing 362,000 XRP and 4.7 million ROOT, to those securing the network.

Furthermore, an insider’s statement that makes stakeholders consider using ROOT as a means of staking enhances the entire ecosystem’s security. Vortex tokens reward stakeholders and promote participation in the Root network.

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