XRPL’s L2 Innovation Evernode Encounters Node Crisis

Evernode (EVR), the layer-2 scaling solution constructed on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), encountered a slight glitch on its network approximately one week after its launch, following several delays.

As per the latest announcement from Evernode on its X account, the significant increase in the quantity of node hosts has triggered a significant issue impacting the settlement of transactions.

There was a lot of excitement surrounding Evernode’s launch. Even with the protocol’s delayed introduction, a large number of addresses took part in the EVR airdrop, demonstrating the protocol’s widespread adoption. The number of node operators is currently growing at the same rate.

In light of the swift rise in Hosts, we’ve observed several instances of Xahau ‘heartbeat’ transactions failing, even after numerous retry attempts. As a result, the Hook now considers these Hosts as inactive. We are actively investigating the root cause and working on a solution,” stated Evernode in the latest update posted on X.

Navigating Hiccups: Evernode’s Protocol Evolution

As the investigation continues, the Evernode/Xahau Explorer has revealed a few occasional transactions, with the most recent two involving transfers of 31.69 EVR and 88.94 EVR.

While the node glitch may not present an entirely favorable network outlook, it serves as a subtle indication of growth for both Evernode and the evolution of the XRP Ledger. The current challenge for the Evernode team is to transform this hiccup in adoption into a strength by expanding the protocol’s bandwidth.

Although the disruption in transaction settlement is currently not highly noticeable, it has positioned Evernode on a comparable level to protocols on other chains that have experienced similar network interruptions.

Before its revival, Solana (SOL) was plagued by a series of outages that posed a significant threat to its growth. Through numerous fixes and consistent upgrades, Solana has successfully overcome these challenges and emerged as one of the most stable protocols in existence today.

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